IVA NATURA has Etko Cosmos Organic Certificate. Etko provides official standards for cosmetics produced using organic ingredients. It confirms the expertise of nature-friendly cosmetics manufacturers when it proves that the products are produced from natural and organic substances in significant quantities according to environmentally friendly procedures for the consumer.

IVA NATURA is a member of PETA. Does not test on animals. PETA defends animal rights; It adopts principles such as not benefiting from animals as food, not producing clothes from animal skin, not experimenting on animals and not using animals in the entertainment sector.

IVA NATURA produces in accordance with GMP & ISO-22716 standards. Good Manufacturing Practices-GMP is a series of protective measures prepared for the production of products such as food, medicine, cosmetics, medical devices, which directly affect human health, in reliable conditions and systems, and prepared to prevent the possibility of contamination and increase reliability at every stage of the product from preparation to distribution.

IVA NATURA has CPNP registration in accordance with the European Union Cosmetics regulations. Before a cosmetic product is put on the market, the commission, product category, name and identification, name and address of the Responsible Person, the address where the Product Information File can be easily accessed, the country of importation, the countries where the product will be put on the market, the information of the person to be contacted when necessary, the product materials widely reported as definitions.