Our philosophy

IVA NATURA products mainly contain plant extracts and plant juices. These plants, on the other hand, grow in the rich geography of Anatolia. These plants, which grow in different locations, each have a different cure. As IVA NATURA, one of our important tasks is to find and reveal this healing, that is, the active components in the molecules of plants.


First, we identify the IVA NATURA products. We take action to produce the care products that your skin and hair need. In the second step, we are working on what the active substances of the products we have determined should be. Our R&D studies are constantly working to produce the best products for you. While determining the active substances, we also reveal what the plants containing these active substances are. Each of the IVA NATURA products contains many plant components with the same purpose. For this reason, in every IVA NATURA product, these herbs come together and help to create its unique formula by strengthening the product’s feature. IVA NATURA products use active liposome technology. Liposome technology ensures that the components of the plants in the products are used most effectively and that the active component of the plant is absorbed by your skin in the fastest and easiest way when the product touches your skin. These miraculous processes come from the healing of herbs. Medicinal plants are found all over Anatolia. The plants included in the IVA NATURA products are obtained from the products produced as a result of the contracted local agricultural studies on approximately 80 decares of land in order to turn into miraculous formulas. 60% of the people who carry out these agricultural activities are women entrepreneurs. As a manufacturer, we are extremely proud to support local production and to work shoulder to shoulder, especially with women entrepreneurs.

For IVA NATURA products, Immortal Flower from Aydın Hakkari Immortal Flower from Cilo Mountain Çoban süzgeci from Diyarbakır Mineral Water from Van Lake Licorice Plant from Konya Wheat Germ from Mardin Hatay Samandağ Hot Pepper from Izmir Olive Oil fromİzmir Pıtrak Licorice from Mount Ararat İzmir Lavender from Ida Mountains Comfrey Grass Black Sea Blueberry from Ayder Plateau Salt of Salt Lake Munzur Geveni from Munzur Valley Tangerine Flower from Antalya Taurus Centaury from Taurus Mountains Horse Tail from Adıyaman The Spear Grass of Kars , Thyme from the Çoruh River , Thyme from the Yıldız Mountains , and Fennel Plants are carefully collected and brought to our production facility in İzmir.

After obtaining the extracts and/or waters of the plants, we move on to the production phase of the products in the most effective way. During production, we use formulas that do not contain paraben, paraffin, gluten, SLS, silicone, any toxic substances. At least 95% of our formulas are natural ingredients.

We produce in accordance with GMP standards. We do not do any testing on animals. We do not contain any animal ingredients, we produce 100% vegan products. We love nature. A significant part of the electricity we use in production comes from the solar panels in our facility.
We produce powerful, effective and organic certified products, which we call Dermorganic. Our strength comes from the effectiveness of our formulation and our certificates from internationally recognized institutions and organizations. We argue that organic products can have effective formulas, and we aim to ensure that every individual has access to these clean and effective products. We produce care products that will meet the needs of the skin with reliable, clean content, nature-friendly products.

Let’s meet with IVA NATURA in the organic state of beauty. 
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